The Vine Newsletter

 November 15th, 2017


The first sermon preached each Sunday is not by the minister, but by you.

You preach a message of good cheer when you say "good morning" to those you meet as you are parking, or as you walk into church. You preacher a message of  "welcome"! when you slide over in the pew instead of forcing others to squeeze in front of you. You preach a message of hope and joy when you sing enthusiastically during the service. You preach a message about respect when you listen attentively while  the special music is presented. You preach a message of love when you smile, say "hello" and introduce yourself to visitors. You preach a message of faith when your give tithes & offerings. You preach a message about importance of scriptures when you open your bible to the day's text.

Many messages are preached  before the minister stands up to bring the sermon. If your message is positive and consistent, then the message given from the pulpit will be much better received! Come Sunday morning prepared to preach your best sermon.


Quincy Church of Christ

Quincy, KY


"For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them." Matthew 18:23




Tool Box

Operation Christmas Child

now thro November 19th

In  need of  Christmas wrapping paper( no Santa Claus prints)

Shoe Boxes  & items to place in the shoe boxes.


On November 19th we will have a breakfast, right after worship,

 to help with mailing costs.

Sponsored by Thrivent Financial




Danielle Mueller, Hunter

Ken & Carol Mueller

THANK YOU ~ to those who have gifted to the food shelf, with canned  good and monies.  Keep it coming......

to the great volunteers we have around here, for cleaning bathrooms, kitchens &  windows...we sometimes forget to thank you, please know it is noticed and appreciated.

to Peter Tinaglia and his crew for The City event on Friday evening.


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED~ for cleaning of the church & for bring treats for Sunday morning fellowship....sign up please.


SNOW SHOVELING~ Mark Freeman asked that we get the sign up for volunteers to clear the sidewalks and patio area this winter it is on the hallway board and awaiting your signatures.


SUNDAY MORNING CHIOR~ PRACTICE Sunday mornings  at 8:30am. Everyone is invited to come & sing praises.



WOMEN'S SUPPER & STUDY ~next bible study is November 27th,  6pm. hosted by Patty Ulrich at her home~  3980  Cedar Lake Blvd.


ALL STARS FOR JESUS singing  on Sunday ~ November 19th


ASFJ CHRISTMAS PROGRAM is on Dec 17th during the 9:30am  worship...


CRICKET COUNTY~ .Rehearsal is  Saturday December  9th, 9-1pm followed by the performance on Sunday December 10th.  Sign up is on the hallway board...looking for 3 more folks!


THANKSGIVING  WORSHIP~  Wednesday, November 22nd at 6:30pm..Followed by the annual  pie & Ice cream  social. Please sign up to bring pies  (PS. No education classes this week)


QUILTING~ Saturday, November 18th. bring a dish to share for lunch and if you'd like to learn to quilt...come along we would love to teach you.


NOVEMBER IS FOODSHELF MONTH~ please bring food items, throughout the month of  November , to church and place in the front of the altar. Lets see a mountain of food.



SALVATION BELL RING~ Saturday, December 16th at Fairway Foods ~sign up for a 2 hour shift,  on hallway board.


 Join us Saturday, December 2nd 9am-11am to help decorate Christ Lutheran for the season


CHRISTMAS CAROLING ~ Sunday December 17th ...leaving church around 1pm.


Northfield Christmas walk ~ is on Thursday, Dec 7th. leaving CLC parking lot at 6:05pm. If you would like to go please let Nancy Gruchow know...reservations  for supper will be made soon, so need to know asap. Thanks



             November  5th


WEEKLY OFFERING $1763.00 305.00

NEEDED  weekly $2,888.00 $431.00


         November 12th


WEEKLY OFFERING $1792.00 $350.00

NEEDED for the week $2,888.00  $431.00






Monthly Worship schedule for November

Communion set up~ Brenda Neuman  & Linda Foellmi

There is a lot of room for Volunteers this month! Please feel free to step up and help us serve each other.



November  5th                   All Saints Day                                9:30am

Acolytes: Volunteers Please

Ushers:  Wally Walburn & Kelly Livingood

Money Counters:  Lonna Kruchten & Jenny Coulsey

Council Hosts: Deb Smits

Communion Assistants: Doug & Liz Tinaglia & Jodi Buescher


November 12th                                                                        9:30am

Acolytes:  Reid Wildgrube, Lane Tinaglia


Money Counters: Liz Tinaglia & Jenny Coulsey

Council Hosts: Tod Vaudrin


November 19th              ASFJ SINGING                           9:30am

Acolytes: Volunteers Please


Money Counters: Luke Havumaki & Nita Baldwin

Council Hosts: Dan Brewster

Communion Assistants: Jane Voit, John & Nita Baldwin


November 22nd                 Thanksgiving Eve Worship          6:30PM

Acolytes: Volunteers please

Ushers:  Volunteers please

Money Counters: Nita Baldwin & Jenny Coulsey

Council Hosts:  The whole council will help serve pie & ice cream


November 26th                   Christ the King Sunday            9:30am

Acolytes: Volunteers please

Ushers:  Volunteers please

Money Counters: Linda Hesse & Jenny Coulsey

Council Hosts: Dan Tinaglia

Communion Assistants: Paul & Linda  Foellmi, Brenda Crissinger







November Wedding  Anniversaries

 Ken & Carol Muller                   11/5

 Mark & Karlene McKenna             11/8

 Kevin & Connie Glarner  11/9

    Bob & Terri Borchert   11/9

 Herman & Brenda Nelson  11/16

 Brian & Theresa Schweisthal  11/22

            Mike & Bev Gandy                            11/29


                  Birthday's in November

 Tim Hutchins    11/3

 Bailey Hagel    11/5

 Grant Wildgrube   11/8

 Beverly Gandy   11/9

 Mark Freeman    11/9

 John Hortop    11/10



 Jane Voit                                             11/18

 Cheryl Mathews   11/18

 Pam Chapman    11/18

 Carissa Glarner   11/19

 Sophie Pilon    11/21

 Jane Lee    11/25

 Herman Nelson   11/27

 Val Richter    11/28

 Jim Heintz    11/29


















Santa Claus is coming to town........







10:45- NOON



Stay  after worship and enjoy treats & fellowship.

Make ginger bread houses, make an advent log


if we  are very good

 a visit from Santa










Poinsettias will adorn the sanctuary for the Advent & Christmas season. If you would like to purchase a plant in honor or memory of loved ones … please fill out this form attach a cheque made payable to Christ Lutheran Church or see the envelope in your offering envelopes, either way if fine. .

Supplier needs our orders in by November 22nd...

Plants are  $9

Please circle the one(s) you would like ordering

Your name                    # of plants                       In memory of/  In honor of

                                                                                    (Please circle)



Your name                    # of plants                       In memory of/  In honor of

                                                                                    (Please circle)



TOTAL  $ ____________________________