The Vine Newsletter

                                  September 20th   2017



A message from ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton


Friends in Christ,

Some were fishermen. One was a tax collector. Another, a zealot. The other-who knows? Though the 12 disciples came from different walks of life and different places, what united them was their deep commitment to following Jesus.

After  he called them, Jesus sent his disciples out to heal and proclaim

the good news with these instructions:" Take nothing for your journey, nor staff, nor bag, nor bread, nor money- not even an extra tunic. Whatever house you enter, stay there, and leave from there." (Luke 9: 3-4).


No prior accommodations? Not even an extra tunic? That is a challenging call. But the disciples' faith was strong, and they answered it.

In the pages of this year's  Stories of Faith in Action, you'll find Lutheran individuals and congregations answering Christ's call in places familiar as a parking lot (page 12) or foreign as an ancient city(page 16).. These leaders are boldly living out their faith in service to our neighbors, near and far.

Thank you for your faithful service on behalf of this church. Together, by God's grace, we can live generously and answer God's call.




The Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton,

Presiding Bishop Evangelical Lutheran Church in America


         This is an excerpt  from 'Stories of Faith in Action' ELCA


"For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them." Matthew 18:23




Tool Box





Saturday, October 7th

beginning at

The Cathedral of Our Merciful Savior

515 NW 2nd Ave


Registration 8:30am

Walk begins at 9am

Pat Freeman has offered to 'head up' this event for us ..if you have questions please talk to her.



Jeff & Char Lowe

Dave MacRunnels


THANK YOU ~yet again for a great turnout for 'God's Work Our Hands'. Fun to see everyone enjoying working together & having fellowship over lunch. Thanks to all who helped.

to the students, guides and Tod Vaudrin for the great Hwy 60 pick up to start off  the Wednesday evening events here at Christ Lutheran.

to everyone who has volunteered to teach, cook, help plan games, music for all the Wednesday evening events...thank you.


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED~ for cleaning of the church & for bring treats for Sunday morning fellowship....



SUNDAY MORNING CHIOR~ PRACTICE Sunday mornings  at 8:30am. Everyone is invited to come & sing praises.



WOMEN'S SUPPER & STUDY   September 25th,  6pm  at the home of Pat Albers, 511 SW 9th Ave.


AS YOU SHOP FOR BACK TO SCHOOL~ please consider purchasing extra school supplies for Operation Christmas Child gifts.



BIBLE SUNDAY ~ 3rd graders receive their bibles this Sunday, September 24th at the 9:30am worship service.


COMING ON OCTOBER 29th ~ trick a truck...right after worship. Decorate your car's truck...wear a costume, come have a

great time...trick a trucking in the parking lot.


500th Anniversary of the Reformation


500 years ago in October Martin Luther posted a list of 95 things that were wrong with the church of his day. He posted them on the community bulletin board (the doors of the castle church in Wittenberg) and invited discussion. Little did he know that his list of objections would be the spark to ignite the fires of spiritual reformation throughout Europe. Through Luther Christianity rediscovered its heritage of grace and freedom in Christ; the ministry of the laity; and the Word of God revealed in scripture.


Throughout the season words and songs written by Martin Luther will flavor the worship experience.


Martin Luther on Holy Communion: “It is certainly true, as I have found in my own experience, and as everyone will find in his own case, that if a person stays away from the sacrament, day by day he will become more hardened against and his faith will grow cold, and eventually, he will spurn it all together.  To avoid this we must examine our heart and conscience and act like a person who really desires to be right with God.  The more we do this, the more will our heart be warmed and kindled and our faith will not grow cold and dead.”  Luther’s Works, Volume 70



Confession and Absolution: Luther’s Works, Vol. 77, pp100-101 and Evangelical Lutheran Worship, p.87




             August 27th


WEEKLY OFFERING $1847.00 $375.00

NEEDED  weekly $2,888.00 $520.00


         September 3rd


WEEKLY OFFERING $2991.00 $305.00

NEEDED for the week $2,888.00  $520.00







Monthly Worship schedule for September

Communion set up~ Lori Mullenberg & Christine Parkos

There is a lot of room for Volunteers this month! Please feel free to step up and help us serve each other.



September 3rd                                                       9:30am

Acolytes: Volunteers Please

Ushers:  Wally Walburn & Kelly Livingood

Money Counters:  Lonna Kruchten & Jenny Coulsey

Council Hosts: Tod Vaudrin

Communion Assistants: Paul Foellmi, John & Nita Baldwin


September 10th            SERVANT SUNDAY         9:30am

  Please come to half hour service followed by community work

Acolytes:  Volunteers Please


Money Counters: Liz Tinaglia & Jenny Coulsey

Council Hosts: Dan Brewster


September 17th                      Baptism                      9:30am

Acolytes: Volunteers Please


Money Counters: Luke Havumaki & Nita Baldwin

Council Hosts: Patty Ulrich

Communion Assistants:  Brenda Crissinger,



September 24th                                                                 9:30am

Acolytes: Volunteers please

Ushers:  Volunteers please

Money Counters: Nita Baldwin & Jenny Coulsey

Council Hosts: Dan Tinaglia









September Wedding Anniversaries

Brian & Denise Hansen             9/2//1989

Richard & LaVonne Brick        9/2/1967

Curt & Vanessa Barr                  9/6/2008

Doug & Val Richter                   9/23/1995

Jon & Jena Flicek                       9/25/1992


September Birthdays

Joel Erickson                      9/1

Nita Baldwin  9/2

Jessica Stricker               9/3

Courtnie Kreger  9/3

Sarah Johnson  9/3


Tristan Chmelik  9/5

George Gruchow                 9/6

Trenton Bonnie  9/9

Kelsey Drentlaw  9/11

Courtney Drentlaw  9/11


Stacy Barsness  9/11

Devin Morrissey                 9/12

Katie Mathews  9/17

Coy Kreger   9/19

Linda Schlueter  9/19


Paul Foellmi              9/22

Mike McGilberry   9/25

Renon Thomas                     9/25

Doug Tinaglia    9/26

Dave Bartkey    9/26


Griffen Havumaki                9/26

Madeline Sanders    9/27

Shaden Sanders                    9/28

Jeremy McKenna   9/28

Gary Bruggeman   9/30











The committees will meet once a month...6-7pm

If you'd liked to join one ,sign up on the board in

the Narthex area.





We have two active Bible Studies at the moment.

The Men's Breakfast & Bible Study meets every

Saturday morning...7:30-9am  at Christ Lutheran.

Want to know to Doug or Dan Tinaglia.


The Women's  Supper & Study meets at various

 homes &/or at the church...6pm on Monday

evenings.  Want to know more talk to Patty Ulrich,

Nita Baldwin, Jane Voit....or just come and give it a try.\


If Monday's don't work and you'd like to start  a Bible

study with to Jenny in the office and we

 can get recruiting to start a new bible study that

works for you. We have lots of great studies available.


We also have a Thursday morning Bible study group

that meetings at Trail's edge....we are looking for a

leader for this group..if intersted in leading let the

 office know






This group meets most Friday afternoons 1-4pm. And once a month for an all day quilting, 9-4ish!! Next one is September 16th  We have lunch together, so your invited to bring a dish to share.  Interested, but don't know anything about quilting, neither did most of us... so come  learn, have fellowship with us. Want to know to Jane Lee, Ruth Havumaki, Jenny Coulsey.




We don't have one yet ...but if you are interested it would be great to get 4-5 folks together to weed the memorial  garden and

plan for the spring.  Talk to Jenny in the office or email and we will get like minded folks together.





Not yet up and running...but two or three like minded people

could read a book and get together and talk about it.  How about reading or re-reading The Shack...plan a time to meet, have snackes and might even watch the movie.

Talk to Jenny in the office or email and we can pick a date that works, and get this idea of the ground.