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    October 31st , 2018


We all know the world is changing around us.  Sometimes we embrace changes and other times we are confused or overwhelmed by the pace of change and wonder the impact on us, our family, our community, and our future.


We could deny the world is changing when it comes to church life, but we know it isn’t true.  There are a growing number of people who are unaffiliated, a decline in participation in Christian churches, increased diversity, individualism, changes in patterns of marriage and family life and increased impact of digital media and web technology.

What if we could reimagine church life and faith formation and develop new initiatives and projects?


Since last Spring I have been participating in a program called “Vibrant Faith.”  Intergenerational faith experiences are at the center of the ideas offered through Vibrant Faith.  Here at Christ, intergenerational is our way of being so we have a head start already.


How can we better engage all age groups and families in at home faith formation?  How can we focus on the spiritual and religious needs of the unchurched and unaffiliated?


There are lots of ideas and that’s where I need your help.  This coming Sunday, November 4, I will have ideas posted around the Fellowship Hall and would love for you to give your ‘yes’ or your ‘no’ to the ideas offered.


Instead of just keeping doing what we’ve always been doing let’s imagine a new path.  You are invited to take a role in that.  I thank you in advance for your input.


Pastor Carol



"For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them."                                                                                                       Matthew 18:23




Tool Box

                                  SUNDAY NOVEMBER 4TH

                                          All Saints’ Day

                              ‘Men's Saturday Morning Breakfast & Bible Study will be

                                          Hosting a breakfast

                     on Sunday the 4th right after worship ….to collect

                      monies for Operation Christmas Child shoebox mailings.


                               Great time of  food, fellowship & fun


                                           KEEP IN PRAYER

                                     Rob & LeeAnn  Zak, Ella

                                                 Pat Albers


THANK YOU~ to pianist, brass players & choirs for making reformation Sunday a great day.

~to Luke & Ruth Havumaki for planning another great Trunk or Treat event….great time had by all.

~to Liz Tinaglia  who helped serve the  chili lunch.  Great food, better company!!

~ to Kevin Glarner & crew for the garden clean up, greatly appreciated.


WOMEN'S SUPPER & STUDY. Bible Study is 6pm, November 5th hosted, by Liz Tinaglia here at Christ Lutheran.


SENIOR CHOIR ~ rehearsals each Sunday morning at 8:30am


PIE AUCTION Christ Lutheran Church will be working hard the next year to pay down & hopefully eliminate the mortgage....with that in  mind, we might as well have fun while doing it.... We invite everyone who would like to make a pie and have it auctioned off on   off on Sunday November, 18th


APPLE PIES- We will be selling apple pies, $10 each. We will be preparing then here at CLC on Saturday, Nov 3rd & Nov 17th.. starting at 11am Hoping to get five - seven people per session. Looking for donations of apples, sugar, flour etc. Sign up on hallway board, to come make pies & donations. Thanks


ALL SAINTS' SUNDAY,  November 4th, we remember those who have died in the past year and take a moment to light a candle and say a prayer.


FALL BACK ~ day light saving end this weekend, November 4th, fall back one hour.


TREATS~ on Sunday  mornings in November cinnamon rolls we be served~ free willing offering will be taken for mailing costs for Operation Christmas child shoeboxes. Looking for  someone to bring cinnamon rolls Nov 11 & 25th. Thanks in advance.


All Day Quilting ~ will be on November 17th. 9am -4pm. Bring a dish to share Making our Christmas tree decorations  for the tree  auction, on Dec 14th at the Village theater. More info coming later on the Christmas tree auction.


OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD ~ now through November  18th please consider bring in small gifts that will fit into a shoebox. If you need ideas, type in Operation Christmas child, click on shoe boxes. Thanks in advance, for giving children a gift at Christmas.


BIRD FEEDERS ~Looking for a great Christmas gift idea? Bird feeders!  Two Styles , suet & seed s.  For sale in the Narthex area.                     



Pastor Carol Sinykin contact information:  Office at 507-334-8821.

Pastor Carol's cell : 507-301-2438  

Email is:

Please be sure to contact me with any of your pastoral care.



             October 21st


                                                 CURRENT       MORTGAGE


                                                        $2738.00        $315.00

NEEDED  weekly

                                                          $2,888.00       $150.00


     October 28thth


                                                 CURRENT       MORTGAGE      



                                                        $1924 .00      $240.00

NEEDED for the week

                                                            $2,888.00     $150.00




Monthly Worship schedule for November

Communion set up~ Brenda Neuman & Linda Foellmi


 Please feel free to step up and help us serve each other.


November 4th              All Saints Day                                         9:30am

Acolytes: Aubrie & Ashlin Havumaki           Cross Bearers: Tyler Heintz

Ushers:  Wally Walburn

Money Counters Dan Tinaglia  & Jenny Coulsey

Council Hosts: Liz Tinaglia

Communion Assistants: Paul & Linda Foellmi, Brenda Crissinger


November 11th                                                                                9:30am

Acolytes:  Mariah Lenway/  Mila Schweisthal   

Cross Bearers: Marisa Parkos

Ushers:  Kelly Livingood 

Money Counters: Luke Havumaki  & Dan Tinaglia Coulsey

Council Hosts: Sally Walburn


November  18th                                                                              9:30am

Acolytes:  Reid Wildgrube/ Daijah MacRunnels

Cross Bearers: Mason  Delaney

Ushers:   Brian Gunderson

Money Counters: Liz Tinaglia & Jenny Coulsey

Council Hosts: : Dan Tinaglia

Communion Assistants: Jane Voit & Tod & Pam Vaudrin



                   Thanksgiving Eve Worship

                      Wednesday, 21st

                               at 6:30pm


   Annual pie & ice creqam social after worship







November  25th                   Christ the King Sunday                    9:30am

Acolytes: Jones Stricker & Lilyana Dube     Cross bearer: Hunter Mueller

Ushers:  Luke Havumaki   

Money Counters Linda Hesse & Liz Tinaglia

Council Hosts  Deb Smits


Please note that the acolytes will be exiting the church with the candle holders lit, showing the

light of Christ going out into the world.

Please remain seated till they leave the sanctuary.




November Wedding  Anniversaries


           Ken & Carol Muller                              11/5

            Mark & Karlene McKenna                  11/8

            Kevin & Connie Glarner                       11/9

            Bob & Terri Borchert                           11/9

            Herman & Brenda Nelson                    11/16

            Brian & Theresa Schweisthal                11/22

            Mike & Bev Gandy                            11/29


                  Birthday's in November


            Tim Hutchins                                        11/3

            Bailey Hagel                                         11/5

            Grant Wildgrube                                   11/8

            Beverly Gandy                          11/9

            Mark Freeman                                     11/9

            John Hortop                                         11/10



            Jane Voit                                             11/18

            Cheryl Mathews                                   11/18

            Pam Chapman                                      11/18

            Carissa Glarner                         11/19

            Sophie Pilon                                         11/21

            Jane Lee                                               11/25

            Herman Nelson                                    11/27

            Val Richter                                           11/28

            Jim Heintz                                             11/29










Food Shelf ~ during the month of November we will be  inviting you to bring in cereal, canned goods, for the Faribault Food Shelf. If you prefer to give money,( they get so much more with $10 then you or I.) Make checks  out to Faribault Food Shelf, and the office will get it to the foodshelf. Thank you


LIGHT UP A LIFE~ Faribault area  hospice foundation invites you to purchase a $5 light  bulb in memory or honor of friends & family. The Light Up A Live tree ceremony will be Monday, December 3rd at 7pm at District One Surgery Center Lobby

1st Street entrance, Faribault.   Forms are available on the guest stand.


STEWARDSHIP~ Consecration Sunday is November 18th, please prayerfully consider your next years giving, and bring your pledge cards on that day.(pledge cards will be mailed around  November 7th) 


TREE TRIMMING & HANGING OF GREENS:  please consider  helping

prepare the church for the Advent & Christmas seasons. Need lots

of hands to pitch in 9-noon on Saturday  December 1st.



THANKSGIVING Eve worship: Wednesday, November 21st  6:30PM

Stay for fellowship after…..pie & ice creamJ Sign up to bring pies on

hallway board.



Habitat for Humanity~ is looking for folks to help hang drywall in the Willow Street house here in Faribault, 8-3pm. They work Tuesdays & Thursdays & Saturdays. They ask that you turn up 7:45am to get instructions. They are also looking for people to supply lunch on the work days, set up buffet style around 11:15am

(lunch is about an hour) you supply main course, side dish & dessert.

plates, silverware & beverage are all ready  there. To volunteer, call Jodi at 1-507-403-7868. We are looking to do a Christ Lutheran work

day in the coming month, stay tuned for more info


Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

October 27 at 4:24 PM


ELCA presiding bishop responds to Pittsburgh synagogue shooting

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I write to you with a broken heart – for the lives lost, wounded, and shattered by horrific hatred and violence at Tree of Life Congregation this morning. We join our Jewish neighbors and enter into mourning for all that has been lost. In our grief, God is our comfort. "The Lord is near to the brokenhearted, and saves the crushed in spirit" (Psalm 34:18).

From Pittsburgh to Portland, and around the world, Jews are living in fear. Anti-Semitism is on the rise. Public acts of hatred and bigotry against Jews are commonplace. As Christians, and particularly as Lutherans, we deplore and reject this bigotry. "We recognize in anti-Semitism a contradiction and affront to the Gospel, a violation of our hope and calling, and we pledge this church to oppose the deadly working of such bigotry, both within our own circles and in the society around us" (1994 Declaration of the ELCA to the Jewish Community).

We are reminded that hate-filled violence knows no bounds – whether a Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, a Christian church in Charleston, or a Jewish synagogue In Pittsburgh. As people of faith, we are bound together not only in our mourning, but also in our response.  

Therefore, in this tender moment of grief, let us reach out to those whose hearts are most broken – our Jewish neighbors. I encourage you to contact your local synagogue, or your Jewish colleagues, friends, and family members, to share your words of care, support, love, and protection. There may be specific acts you might offer to demonstrate your care, such as when the members of Faith Lutheran Church surrounded Congregation Beth Israel of Chico, California, serving as Shomrim, or guardians, as they observed Yom Kippur following a hate crime in 2009.

Such simple acts can go a long way to demonstrate our love, as an extension of God's love. As we seek to heal the brokenhearted, we are assured that God is near. There is no greater promise in the face of grief.

In peace,

The Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton

Presiding Bishop, ELCA






Christmas Trees at Fareway Foods







We have an opportunity, given to the church, to supply Fareway foods with trees for the Christmas season, with the church getting the profits.


We need to have people willing to check the 12 hooks, outside Fareway, every day and put up new trees every day.

(new trees are at Ken Mueller's garage)   Both council members Dan Tinaglia & Todd Vaudrin have offered, to hang trees, and we need two to three more volunteers.


       Dates                         2 people [per week]

  Friday & Saturdays are busy so need to check Fareway at least three times , if you cannot ask another volunteer to do so. Thanks





Nov 21st--Nov 24th                                 Name                             Cell number


 1                                                        Tod Vaudrin                      





Nov 25th--Dec 1st                                 Name                             Cell number

1                                                     Dan Tinaglia                          210-1943


2                                                          Doug Tinaglia                         332-0739




Dec 2nd --Dec 8th                                  Name                             Cell number

1.                                                             Mark Freeman                      332-2724


2.                                                             Dan Brewster                       363-6173



Dec 9th--Dec 15th                            Name                             Cell number


1                                                  Bryson Havumaki               210-9230


2                                               Luke Havumaki                         304-3848



Dec 16th- 24th          Name                             Cell number





Please fill out and return to the office.

when this is filled, Ken will hold a quick meeting one Sunday morning





Northfield Christmas Walk

Thursday December 6th


Supper at ole store

 Sign up on the hallway board









THANK YOU~ to all who spoke at worship on Mission Sunday. 

                          to everyone who volunteered  for tasks around the church.


WOMEN'S SUPPER & STUDY. Bible Study is 6pm, Oct 22nd  hosted, by Patty Ulrich.  


WNW needs cooks, we usually have two crews, so you cook every other week. talk to Ruth Havumaki or Jenny in the office.


SENIOR CHOIR ~ rehearsals each Sunday morning at 8:30am


LOOKING FOR two adults to work on the All stars For Jesus Christmas program, rehearsals are on Wednesday afternoons..4-5pm beginning on November 14th. Talk to Jenny if interested.

Looking for:  Wonder women, Hulk, Superman, costumes. for the program


PIE AUCTION Christ Lutheran Church will be working hard the next year to pay down & hopefully eliminate the mortgage....with that in  mind, we might as well have fun while doing it.... We invite everyone who would like to make a pie and have it auctioned off on   off on Sunday November, 18th



APPLE PIES- We will be selling apple pies, $10 each. We will be preparing then here at CLC on Saturday October 27th, Nov 3rd & Nov 17th..9am - noon -ish" Hoping to get five - seven people per session. Looking for donations of apples, sugar, flour etc. Sign up on hallway board, to come make pies & donations. Thanks


SUNDAY November  4th~ All Saints Day Operation Christmas Child Breakfast. Men's Saturday Morning Bible Study group will be cooking in the kitchen.


TREATS~ this morning are cinnamon rolls~ free willing offering will be taken for mailing costs for Operation Christmas child shoeboxes.


REFORMATION SUNDAY WORSHIP~ OCTOBER 28th,  All Stars for Jesus & senior choir will be singing, trumpets will be played, as we celebrate our Lutheran heritage. 


WNW ~ NO  education classes on October 17th MEA,  & change from your calendar,  there will be no classes

on October 31st.


All Day Quilting ~ will be on October 20th. 9am -4pm. Bring a dish to share for lunch.