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                                                                                                                                                                   February 5th , 2020


Sometime between 1560 and 1590, an anonymous artist painted “The Healing of the Paralytic.”  The story from scripture, Mark 2:1-12, is presented in the picture on the left.  Central, is the healed paralytic in a dark red shirt with his sleeves rolled up.   He has a huge bundle on his back that looks to be bedding.  He is hunched over from the weight of it with his eyes looking down.  What will life look like now?

With strong muscles, he doesn’t look as if he was just lying before Jesus minutes before.  Crowds are still gathered in the doorway of the house.

Behind him we see his friends on the roof of the house patching the roof.  I like it, even though the Bible doesn’t say it happened.

The artist tells us a story.  We can relate as we are friends and need friends.

This man’s friends overcome all the obstacles to bring him before Jesus.  The paralytic does nothing.  He doesn’t ask to be healed.  He is silent.  What Jesus sees is the faith of the friends and the paralytic is healed.

What can you and I do as disciples of Jesus Christ to help bring healing to those we meet?  How can we open ourselves to receive help?

Jesus says, “I have not called you servants but friends.”  Friendship is mutual between us all:  God, our neighbors and ourselves.

What good news!  Because, united in oneness with the living God, we have power to heal and be healed!  Praise God!

Pastor Carol


"For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them."      Matthew 18:23




Tool Box

WNW - GNB Mentor's Supper

 February 12th,  5:45pm


for all 4-8th graders.

A parent or parents are asked to attend along with their child/ren

and the youths mentor.

Your child should have asked an adult in their life to be their mentor.

The mentor will  be asked to attend  the mid week  Lenten soup supper

 at 5:30  &  Mid Week service at 6:30pm with their student.

 Each Wednesday  there will be a "Lenten Mentoring Note" that

 the student will hand in. The student is asked to fill out the

 form and to discuss the questions with the mentor,

 after which the student & mentor are free to leave.



Joanne Omtvedt

James Parkos, Marissa & Braelyn


THANK YOU: to Becky Mueller for singing the prelude to worship last month

to Jenny Whannel & choir for singing this past Sunday

 to Neil Whannel who made a new cross for the fellowship hall, take a look it's beautiful.

to everyone who helped with the funeral for Jean Johnson.


OUR CONDOLENCES  to the friends & family of Jean Johnson who's funeral was yesterday.

Also, our heart felt prayers go out to Nancy Gruchow & family on the passing this week of Nancy's  son Aaron.


 Please consider signing  up for one or two of these much need tasks.


SNOW SHOVELLING LIST IS UP~ please consider signing up to clear the front sidewalks and the back patio. Sign upon the hallway board.


LECTOR: Please sign up if you are willing to lector this month. Sign up on the hallway board


TREAT LIST IS UP~ If you would be willing to supply treats for Sunday fellowship please sign up on the sheet in the hallway.


MONEY COUNTERS NEEDED: Please talk to Nita Kramer or Jenny Coulsey if you are willing to do this ministry.


WOMEN'S Monday Night SUPPER & STUDY:  Next Bible study will be February 10th   , at Christ Lutheran church hosted by Patty Ulrich.                               

MEN’S SATURDAY MORNING BREAKFAST & BIBLE STUDY~ 7:30- 9:30am. All are welcome.


Habitat for Humanity has asked that we supply lunch on the first Saturday of the month Feb - May. See sign up on the hallway board.


ALL DAY QUILTING~ February 8th , 9-4pm. Bring a dish to share


Good Earth Village ~ Registration for summer camp 2020 is open! Super Early Bird discount of 15% is available through February 9th. Go to to get registered


CANNON RIVER CONFERENCE ~ Looking for a few good people to attend this, on February 9th at Vasa Lutheran Church of Welch.  Talk to Jenny  if interested,  we have paper work.


YOU ARE invited to celebrate and dance with the Freeman's on the occasion of the marriage of their son Jeremy to Maria. February 14th, 7:00pm at Luther Memorial Church, 315 15th Ave N .South Saint Paul. Please just come- no cards or gifts.


PRAYER SHAWLS~ many thanks to everyone who made shawls for our prayer shawl ministry, we will be blessing them on February 16th                                                                                                                                  


WNW - GNB Mentor's Supper on February 12th,  5:45pm


ANNUAL COUNCIL retreat, February 15th,9-1pm here at Christ Lutheran. 


TALENT SHOW~ February 19th, starting around 6:20pm. Looking for some talented adults to join in the fun, Sign up on the hallway board.


Trivia tournament- continues each Sunday , and goes through to the end of February.  Finishing on Feb 26th with Mardi Gras celebration

Not on a team, but want to be….come on Sunday and you will be on a team.


PIZZA OVEN PATIO ~ prepping the area for the new patio, on Saturday April 25th, 9-4pm lunch provided. Please sign up to work, bring shovels,. Rain Day date is May 2nd. 9-4pm.


 AMERICAN LEGION  FUNDRAISER BREAKFAST~ March 15th is the 'Holy smoke concert series' breakfast fundraiser. Tickets go on Sunday Feb 16th. We are asking you to get tickets and sell  them, to family & friends, need everyone's help with this fundraiser.   






       January 19th                              FINANCIALS:







NEEDED weekly




        January 26th


                                                             CURRENT                           MORTGAGE


                                                                     $2123.00                $320.00

NEEDED for the week

                                                   $28880                             $150.00


Monthly Worship schedule for February

Communion set up~ Sue Brewster , Jane Voit

 Please feel free to step up and help us serve each other.


February 9th  ________________________                    ___________9:30am         

Acolytes:  Brynn Havumaki, Kayla Heselton           Cross bearer:  Hunter Mueller

Ushers:  Kelly Livingood                                                                 Lector:  volunteer

Money Counters: Luke Havumaki /Liz Tinaglia

Council Host: Deb Smits  


 February 16th  ________________________                    ___________9:30am         

Acolytes:  Jones Stricker /Nick Heintz                         Cross bearer:  Tyler Heintz

Ushers:  Wally Walburn                                                        Lector:  volunteer

Money Counters: Linda Hesse/Jenny Coulsey

Council Host: Danielle Schuler 

Communion Assistants:  John & Nita Kramer, Brenda Crissinger 


February 23rd  ________________________                    ___________9:30am         

Acolytes Archer Schweisthal                                        Cross bearer: Mae Tinaglia

Ushers:  Dan Brewster                                                               Lector:  volunteer

Money Counters: Nita Kramer/ Luke Havumaki

Council Host:  TJ Mueller 


Please note that the acolytes will be exiting the church with the candle holders lit, showing the light of Christ going out into the world.

Please remain seated till they leave the sanctuary.


Pastor Carol Sinykin contact information:  Office at 507-334-8821.

Pastor Carol's cell: 507-301-2438  

Email is:






       February Wedding Anniversaries


           Tim & Jeanne Hutchins              2/4

            Brent & Patty Gulsvig               2/14    

            Mike & Tracy McGilberry          2/27


                  Birthday's in February


             Kia Schmitke                                        2/1

            John Smits                                            2/1


            Jonathan Heimer                                   2/4

            Ryan Tinaglia                                        2/4

             Andrew Casper                                    2/8

            Brian Gunderson                                   2/9

            Nicole  Kadrlik                                      2/11

            Bonnie Walters                                     2/12     

            John Baldwin                                        2/12


            Rick Imberg                                          2/17

            Tom Lee                                               2/19

            Kelly Sanders                                        2/20

            Crystal Wendel                                     2/21                             

            Crystel Lee                                           2/26


            Sara Crissinger                                     2/26

            Darien Wenker                                     2/26

            Brenda Nelson                                      2/28









January 26th - Feb 23rd

10:30 -11:30am


Trivia tournament- continues each Sunday , and goes through to the end of February.  Finishing on Feb 26th with Mardi Gras celebration


Not on a team, but want to be….come on Sunday and you will be on a team.




TUBING at BUCK HILL~ Friday Night, February 7th, Leaving from Christ Lutheran at 6pm Snow tubing for two hours and back in Faribault by 10pm. Sign up on hallway board, and take a waiver form (need it signed & returned for you to tube! Children in 1st-3rd grade that want to go need an adult to go with them.  Need drivers for this event!

Buck hill rules

No children under 5. All participants must be at least 42″ tall. No chains – one tube per lane, per run. Hill may close temporarily for grooming or changing conditions. No ski boots allowed on snow tubing hill. Only Buck Hill tubes allowed on the tubing hill. No snowboards, skis, sleds, toboggans, or tubes other than the tubes supplied by Buck Hill, are allowed.







Ash Wednesday

February 26th


 Soup supper at 5:30pm


Followed by worship service at





Lenten  Soups & services

March 4th - April 1st

 5:30-6:15pm Soup 

 6:30pm Lenten worship