The Vine Newsletter

February 14th  2018


The Lenten Journey

There is a  line toward the end of T.S. Eliot's  poem," Ash Wednesday", that says "This is the time of tension between dying and birth, the place of solitude where three dreams cross."

In the infant years of the church, there was a long period of preparation that led up to one's baptism. It was a time observed through fasting, solitude, prayers, and reflection . The one who was about to be baptized, then, was living between dying and birth, between an end to the old self and a rebirth to new life as a child of God.

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. We will move through Lent being 'Cross-examined, "arriving at Holy Week prepared for the Passion of our Lord.

In Lent, as each of us lives between the tension of dying and birth, we are led by Christ into new possibilities for ourselves, our families and our church. Indeed, it was Martin Luther who suggested that repentance was a continual crawling back to the font, the baptismal womb-of-our-faith. Our Lenten journey can be an occasion for renewal focused on our baptismal remembrance and centered upon Christ's death and resurrection. It can be a time when our lives are changed and our Lord and His church are placed in proper relationship to one's total life.


Charles R. Wertz


"For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them." Matthew 18:23



Tool Box




Saturday, February 24th  4pm.


 Plan is to have a photo scavenger hunt, then back to church for a potluck supper.


Question talk to Pam Vaudrin






Ben & Kelly Patee, Dylan, Lane & Lilyana

Darlene Pemrick



THANK YOU ~ to everyone for a great Talent Show,

to the small ,but enthusiastic, All Stars for Jesu Choir that sang on Sunday. thanks to Brenda for leading.

to all who purchased items for St Vincent DePaul, Deb Smits will be taking the final items there this next week. ( she has taken down 3 grocery bags do far....great job everyone.



ALL DAY QUILTING ~  February 24th , 9-4pm. Bring a dish to share.


WOMEN'S SUPPER & STUDY. Bible Study is 6pm,  Feb 19th

Hosted by Laurie Kodet, 117 3rd Ave NW



CHRIST LUTHERAN CHURCH CHOIR~ practice each  Sunday, at 8:30am. getting ready for Lent & Easter.


 OUR CONDOLENCES   to the Brooks family on the passing of Greg mother.



COMMITTEES & COUCIL  (6pm) & Council (7pm)  meet~ March 1st



GARAGE SALE~ date of the sale is Saturday, May 19th

(items can start arriving at on Wednesday, May 16th.)


SNOW SHOVELING~ we need help shoveling the sidewalks around  the church in the next two months. after that we'll let in melt!   Please sign up.



HOLY SMOKES ~dates are announced. June 13th, July11th & August 8th.  If you have leads on any reasonably priced bands, please bring name, contact info & prices for three hours playing.


FIRST COMMUNION ~ if you have  child 3rd grade or older in need for first communion please let the office know asap. Chalice painting and banner making is on Wednesday Feb 21st . Call the office 334-8821, or email christlutheranonthehill@yahoo,com



Classes for ASFJ regular schedule on Feb 21st , 28th March 7th & 14th. No  classes  on March 21st (spring break) or March 28th (Holy week.)

  4th -8th grade  should attend, supper, worship which is followed by class time.(no classes for them on March 21st (Spring Break & March 28th Holy Week ) Written excuses only for non attendance.



February 21st - March 21st



February 21st      Group 2 serving      Chair:  Liz Tinaglia

February 28th      Group 3 serving      Chair: Jane Lee

March 7th            Group 4 serving          Chair:  Pat Freeman

March  14th         Group 5 serving          Chair: Brenda Crissinger

March 21st           Group 6 serving          Chair: Melissa Bauer







 February 4th


WEEKLY OFFERING $2404.00 $275.00

NEEDED  weekly $2,888.00 $431.00


February  11th


WEEKLY OFFERING $2595.00 $215.00

NEEDED for the week $2,888.00  $431.00









Monthly Worship schedule for February

Communion set up~ Sue Brewster

 Please feel free to step up and help us serve each other.




February 4th                                                                        9:30am

Acolytes: Lane & Mae Tinaglia

Ushers:  Wally Walburn

Money Counters Linda Hesse  & Jenny Coulsey

Council Hosts: Tod Vaudrin

Communion Assistants: Doug & Liz Tinaglia & Jodi Buescher


February  11th                                                                       9:30am

Acolytes:  Reid Wildgrube, Amellia Delaney

Ushers:  Kelly Livingood

Money Counters: Liz Tinaglia & Jenny Coulsey

Council Hosts:: Dan Tinaglia


February 18th                                                                         9:30am

Acolytes:  Nick Heintz &  Ashlin Havumaki

Ushers:   Brian Gunderson

Money Counters: Luke Havumaki & Nita Baldwin

Council Hosts Dan Brewster

Communion Assistants: Paul Foellmi , John & Nita Baldwin




February 25th                                                                  9:30am

Acolytes:  Deshawn & Daijah MacRunnels

Ushers:  Doug Tinaglia

Money Counters: Liz Tinaglia & Luke Havumaki

Council Hosts: Deb Smits









February Wedding Anniversaries


           Tim  & Jeanne Hutchins  2/4

            Brent & Patty Gulsvig   2/14

 Mike & Tracy McGilberry  2/27


                  Birthday's in February


  Kia Schmitke    2/1

 John Smits    2/1


 Jonathan Heimer   2/4

 Ryan Tinaglia     2/4

             Andrew Casper                                        2/8

 Brian Gunderson   2/9

 Nicole  Kadrlik               2/11

 Bonnie Walters    2/12

 John Baldwin    2/12


 Rick Imberg    2/17

 Tom Lee    2/19

 Kelly Sanders    2/20

 Crystal Wendel    2/21

 Crystel Lee    2/26


 Sara Crissinger    2/26

 Darien Wenker    2/26

 Brenda Nelson    2/28