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                                     July 2nd, 2019

We celebrate the Fourth of July this week, the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

We fly the flag, put up red, white, and blue decorations, march in parades, watch fireworks displays and enjoy picnics. Throughout all of our celebrations, we are reminded of the gift of our freedom as a nation.  Just as I mentioned last Sunday, we enjoy a host of wonderful freedoms—freedom to worship when and where we like, freedom to assemble, freedom to elect our leaders and so many more freedoms.

Galatians 5:1 reminds us of another kind of freedom:  For freedom, Christ has set us free.”  This freedom is even more amazing than the freedoms guaranteed by the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

You and I have the freedom to draw near to God, to tell God anything, without holding back.  Our God want to hear not only our joys but also our sorrows, not only our assurance but also our struggles, not only our pleasure but also our anger.  Nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.  This is an amazing freedom.

We have incredible access to God. The creator of the universe, the King of kings and Lord of lords, the God of all wisdom and justice, this God invites each of us to speak our mind, to share our thoughts, feelings, fears, and dreams.  It is a beautiful and amazing gift.

As we celebrate this 4th of July, we give thanks to God for the freedom we have in this country but also for the freedom Christ has given.  We can always approach God with deep confidence. Let’s thank God together for this amazing freedom given us.

Pastor Carol

"For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them."      Matthew 18:23



We are collecting, winter  gloves, hats, mittens & coats,


Please bring your clean, in good repair

items to church & we will get them to St Vincent DePaul in September


Thank You

 Tool Box




Anna & Phoebe Havumaki

Bryson & Christina Havumaki, Brody ,Ashlin, Aubrie, Brynn & Griffen


THANK YOU ~ to the gardening crew, looking really nice around here.


WOMEN'S SUPPER & STUDY:  Bible study, July 8th,  at 6pm. Hosted by hosted by Linda Meyer at her home, we will car-pool from church at 5:45pm.


QUILTING  Saturday, July 20th, 9-4pm, please bring a dish to share.


COLORADO PEACHES: are being sold as a fundraiser for  the youth of First English Lutheran Church and  the Community Cathedral Café. Pre-orders for peaches are being taken now through Aug. 2nd A 20-pound  case is $32, half case is $16.Order yours today to support the youth of First English.  Stop in at First English 8 am-1 pm or call the First English office at 334-4389

LECTOR: New list will be going up this week. Please fill in the dates that you would be willing to lector.


QUILTING~ Saturday June 29th, 9-4pm, please bring a dish to share.


Good Earth Village:  Christ Lutheran Week is  July 21 - 26th  (but if that doesn't work for you…please look at the other options).   Open to k-12

go to  to see more information & to register



TREAT LIST IS UP~ If you would be willing to supply treats for Sunday fellowship please sign up on the sheet in the hallway.                                      


Vacation Bible School:  Please mark your calendars for VBS which will be  August 5-9th, 5:30-7:30pm.




Summer Stretch. July 10th….leaving church at 9am for the Owatonna River Spring Water Park. Bring swimsuits, towel, sunscreen & water bottle. Later back to

church to help with Holy Smoke preparations. Done at 4:30pm.



                   Each Wednesday in July      10am - 1pm

Come up to church & weed, trim, plant whatever….lets get the place looking great.








VALLEY FAIR~ the Summer Stretch program's last event of the season is on August 7th, a day at Valley Fair. In order to get a 'deal' we would like to invite summer stretch youth to invite a friend, & /or families, to go with us.  We will be able to take some single youth (who have completed 4th grade)they will be paired with an adult or TIM for the day. Cost is $29 per person. Bring a bag lunch, extra $$, swim wear & towel & rain poncho!  Please  sign up on the youth board in the hallway ASAP.  We are looking for adults to help & drivers.( please sign up with the number of youth you can take transport)



     June 9th                              FINANCIALS:


                                 CURRENT                     MORTGAGE


                                         $2,720.00                  $320.00

NEEDED  weekly

                                            $2,888.00                $150.00


         June 16th


                                    CURRENT                  MORTGAGE


                                           $1624.00                    $315.00

NEEDED for the week

$288800             $150.00


     As we get into the busy summer months, please remember

      to continue to support your church on the hill with your offerings.

      You can donate through the web site, or set up a

       giving plan through the church office, or text (507) 593-7701

                                                              Thank you finance committee





 Monthly Worship schedule for July

Communion set up~ Melissa Bauer & Sally Walburn

 Please feel free to step up and help us serve each other.


July 7th                                                                                                           9:30am

Acolytes:  Reid Wildgrube & Lane Tinaglia   Cross bearer Mason Delaney                                                                     

Ushers:  Luke Havumaki                                       Lector:  Jane Voit

Money Counters : Jenny Coulsey  & Liz Tinaglia

*Communion Assistants :    Neil & Jenny Whannel & Doug Tinaglia

Council Hosts  Neil Whannel



July 14th                                                                                                                     9:30am

Acolytes:     & Aubrie Havumaki       Cross bearer: Hunter Mueller

Ushers:  Brian Gunderson                                             Lector:  Pat Freeman

Money Counters Nita Kramer  & Jenny Coulsey

Council Hosts  Dan Tinaglia



July 21st                        ________                                                ____________ 9:30am

Acolytes:   Ashlin Havumaki/Lily Dube                  Cross bearer: Sophie Sanders

Ushers:                  Wally Walburn                                                           Lector: Dan Brewster

Money Counters : Liz Tinaglia & Luke Havumaki

*Communion Assistants :   Tod Vaudrin,  Paul  & Linda  Foellmi

Council Hosts  Danielle Schuler


July 28th                                                                                                                      9:30am

Acolytes:   please Volunteer                    Cross bearer: Amellia Delaney

Ushers:  Kelly Livingood                            Lector: Mark Freeman

Money Counters : Jenny Coulsey & Dan Tinaglia

Council Hosts : Tod Vaudrin




Please note that the acolytes will be exiting the church with the candle holders lit, showing the  light of Christ going out into the world.

Please remain seated till they leave the sanctuary.












 July Anniversary


                        Doug & Liz Tinaglia ............................July 4th

                        Roger & Jodi Buescher.........................July 22nd


                             July Birthdays

                        Vanessa Smits                         July 1st

                        Sue Sanders                            July 2nd


                        Doug Richter                          July 4th

                        Tammy Blegseth                     July 5th


                        Kevin Glarner                         July 7th

                        Connie Glarner                        July 8th

            `           Dave MacRunnels                   July 9th          

                        Courtney Simpson                  July 10th



                        Brent Barsness                        July 11th

                        Sue Cochran                            July 12th

                        Peter Tinaglia                          July 17th



                        Dan Tinaglia                            July 23rd

                        Troy Imberg                            July 27th



                        Tyler Murphy                          July 29th

                        LeeAnn Zak                            July 30th





Pastor Carol Sinykin contact information:  Office at 507-334-8821.

Pastor Carol's cell : 507-301-2438  

Email is: