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                                 November 6th, 2019

Every year the SE Minnesota Synod of the ELCA holds a Theological Conference for church leaders that begins the first Sunday of November and runs until Tuesday.  I have just returned from this year’s conference where the goal was to lift up and empower incarnational living.

What is that you may ask?  God appeared in the person of His Son, to visit us in our distress, to share our sadness and to save us.  John writes, “The Word became flesh, and dwelt among us.”  He moved into the neighborhood, unpacked His bags and pulled up a chair and made Himself at home. The Word of God is Emmanuel, God with us.

In John 17:18, while praying to the Father, Jesus declares, “As you sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world.”  What does this look like?


My favorite learning came from a workshop on Monday where we looked at the story of the Samaritan Woman at the well in John chapter 4. 


We were instructed to place our bodies into the places of the story.  Who do we see, hear and smell?  Is it warm or cold?   How do we feel?  Who is missing?


As we worked our way through the story and paid attention, we noted this woman was a Samaritan who was alone at the well in the heat of the day.  We hear she had been married five times, but we don’t know if her husband died or if she was cast away because she could not bear a son.  No doubt (as she was there at midday alone) she was labeled and lived with shame.

 The fact she was talking with Jesus, with no one else around, would have been shocking in Jesus’ day.  On top of that she was a Samaritan, a person who was unclean.  Everything about their encounter was opposite of the norm of the day.

The more they talked, the more they grew comfortable and understood one another.  First, she sees Jesus as a prophet because he tells the truth.  Later, as she shares her truth, he shares his truth.  Jesus, she learns, is the great, ‘I am.’  He is the Messiah.

She is so excited, and her life is so changed, she leaves her water jar (the reason she came to the well at all) and goes and tells everyone she meets, that she had met the Lord.  This woman is the first witness to Jesus as she says, Come and see! 


Reading scripture in this incarnational way, offers a model for living Listening, paying attention and being present, like Jesus, is the beginning of relationships that yields new life.   Pastor Carol


"For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them."      Matthew 18:23



                            Commitment Sunday ~ November 10th


 Please prayerfully consider your giving for next year, everyone should have got a mailing last week, if not we have extra's in envelopes on the guest stand. 

We are asking everyone to return them on Commitment Sunday, November 10th.

We will celebrate the day with a potluck meal. Please bring a dish to share. 

 Thank you, Stewardship Committee



                                                            Joyce Lindquist

                                                       Kelly & Jane Livingood


to Payton Vaudrin for planning the great Grand Slam outing as a City event for the youth, on Friday evening.  Also, thanks to the many parents that did the driving for this event.

to Pastor Carol & Brenda Crissinger for working at Habitat for Humanity on Oct 26th & to Anna Wildgrube for providing lunch.

to Luke & Michelle for the great blended worship service.

to Becky Mueller for leading the All Stars for Jesus children in singing on Sunday.

 to Luke & Ruth Havumaki for the wonderful Trick a Trunk event.

to everyone who decorated their cars.   Your 'trunks' looked great!!

to Luke for the video, & Dan Tinaglia for the Temple talk.

to Dan, Angie & Liz Tinaglia for serving great pizza on Sunday for the Trick a Trunk event. You raised $147. Thank you, monies, raised paid for mailing of operation Christmas child shoeboxes.

to everyone for the great costumes!! & those that brought dessert. & Jenny & Neil Whannel for the great apple cider.

to the choir & the brass for singing & playing this past week.


LECTOR: Please sign up if you are willing to lector this month. Sign up on the hallway board.


TREAT LIST IS UP~ If you would be willing to supply treats for Sunday fellowship please sign up on the sheet in the hallway.                                      


WOMEN'S SUPPER & STUDY:  November 11th 6pm, hosted by Laurie Kodet, at Christ Lutheran church.                                  


CLEANING~ Please sign up to clean the church once a week, for a month it would be appreciated. Sign up on the hallway board. Many thanks to all of you who signed up for this less than glamorous task. 


Apple pies for sale each Sunday morning


Apple & Dutch Apple Pie - $10 each or 2 for $18   

          fundraiser to pay down the mortgage.




Habitat for Humanity on Saturday Nov 16th Christ Lutheran will be working at the build site, we have a great crew signed up to work and people to feed the workers (11:45).  The new build is at 3000 Acorn Trail.


ALL DAY QUILTING~ November 16th, 9-4pm. Bring a dish to share


NEW MEMBER CLASS & LUNCH~ November 17th after worship. New members will be welcomed on November 24th, during worship.


SNOW SHOVELLING LIST IS UP~ please consider signing up to clear the front sidewalks and the back patio. Sign upon the hallway board.


 Operation Christmas Child going on now through the middle of November….please consider purchasing items for girls & boys :  2-4yrs   5-8yrs &9-14yrs.  Pack a shoebox or bring items and we will pack them On November 17th we will be offering cinnamon rolls to help raise the $9 per box for mailing


DOWNTOWN LIGHT PARADE is on December 7th & Christ Lutheran has a float in  the parade….we are looking for lights, if you have lights we can use on the float, please bring them to church, and if you would be willing to help with the float contact Danielle Schule at 210 0218.  


  ADVENT FESTIVAL & CHRISTMAS TREE AUCTION~ Sunday December 8th. We have small trees for you to take and decorate and ask that you return them on November 23rd.  They will be in display & we will have silent bids on them till December 8th.    


Oct 27th                              FINANCIALS:

                                                    CURRENT               MORTGAGE


                                                        $2527.00                 $385.00

NEEDED weekly

                                                         $2,888.00                $150.00


         November 3rd

                                                               CURRENT     MORTGAGE


                                                               $2045.00           $305.00

NEEDED for the week

                                                                $2,8800           $150.00





 Monthly Worship schedule for November

Communion set up~ Brenda Neuman & Jane Livingood

 Please feel free to step up and help us serve each other.



November 3rd _____________________________________________9:30am         

Acolytes Lane Tinaglia / Nick Heintz                          Cross bearer:  Mae Tinaglia

Ushers:  Wally Walburn                                                       Lector:  volunteer

Money Counters: Jenny Coulsey/ Liz Tinaglia

Communion Assistants':   Doug & Liz Tinaglia & Dan Tinaglia

Council Hosts:  Neil Whannel


November 10th _____________________________________________9:30am         

Acolytes      Amellia Delaney                                          Cross bearer: Mason Delaney

Ushers:    Brian Gunderson                                              Lector:  volunteer

Money Counters: Dan Tinaglia/ Nita Kramer

Council Hosts:  Dan Tinaglia


November 17th ________________________                    ___________9:30am         

Acolytes:  Brynn & Aubrie Havumaki                   Cross bearer:  Ashlin Havumaki

Ushers:  Kelly Livingood                                              Lector:  volunteer

Money Counters: Luke Havumaki /Jenny Coulsey

Communion Assistant:   John & Nita Kramer, Jane Voit

Council Host: Deb Smits


November 24th ________________________                    ___________9:30am         

Acolytes:  Brynn & Aubrie Havumaki                   Cross bearer:  Ashlin Havumaki

Ushers:  Dan Brewster                                              Lector:  volunteer

Money Counter: Nita Kramer/

Council Hosts: Danielle Schuler


Please note that the acolytes will be exiting the church with the candle holders lit, showing the light of Christ going out into the world.

Please remain seated till they leave the sanctuary.


Pastor Carol Sinykin contact information:  Office at 507-334-8821.

Pastor Carol's cell: 507-301-2438  

Email is:



November Wedding Anniversaries


           Ken & Carol Muller                             11/5

            Mark & Karlene McKenna                 11/8

            Kevin & Connie Glarner                     11/9

            Bob & Terri Borchert                         11/9

            Herman & Brenda Nelson                  11/16

            Brian & Theresa Schweisthal             11/22

            Mike & Bev Gandy                            11/29


                  Birthday's in November


            Tim Hutchins                                      11/3

            Bailey Hagel                                       11/5

            Grant Wildgrube                                 11/8

            Beverly Gandy                                   11/9

            Mark Freeman                                     11/9

            John Hortop                                        11/10



            Jane Voit                                             11/18

            Cheryl Mathews                                 11/18

            Pam Chapman                                     11/18

            Carissa Glarner                                   11/19

            Sophie Pilon                                        11/21

            Jane Lee                                              11/25

            Herman Nelson                                   11/27

            Val Richter                                          11/28

            Jim Heintz                                           11/29









 Everyone is invited to prepare a

Followed by the annual

Pie & ice cream social

please sign up to bring a pie

  Please sign up, on the hallway board, and indicate what pie you will bring.


family favorite pie(s) to be

auctioned off on Sunday

November 24th

In the fellowship hall right after worship.


Fun! Fun! Fun!