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  September 19th , 2018


Back when I was an intern at Abiding Savior in Mounds View, Minnesota, we had a wonderful Thursday morning Bible Study.  What great news to hear that this has been the tradition here at Christ Lutheran! 


Bible reading, as I told the third graders last Sunday, is an opportunity for God to speak to us.  For sure God speaks to us in many ways, but more often than not, as we open the Word, it is unmistakable.  God has come among us.


It is an opportunity to be together, to pray for one another and to celebrate with one another.

Let’s do it!  Let’s plan to gather on Thursdays in the Fellowship Hall here at church at 10 a.m. to see if God will speak and what God has to say.   Our first meeting will be on September 27th.



 Blessings & see you in church on Sunday

Pastor Carol


"For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them." Matthew 18:23




Tool Box


Thursday Morning Bible Study…it's back!!

10-11:30am here at Christ Lutheran Church

 starting September 27th




Wally & Sally Walburn

Jenny & Brian Warnke


WOMEN'S SUPPER & STUDY. Bible Study is 6pm, Sept 24th  hosted Angie Tinaglia, at Christ Lutheran Church.


WNW needs cooks, we usually have two crews, so you cook every other week. talk to Ruth Havumaki or Jenny in the office.


Mark your Calendars:   Faribault's Barbershop group will be singing for us this weekend  September 23rd.


SENIOR CHOIR ~ rehearsals each Sunday morning at 8:30am


SUNDAY OCTOBER 28th 'Trunk & Treat' pinterest an idea, make it & come ready for a great morning of worship , followed by a fun time of' trunk & treating'. Costumes appreciated, young & old!! Chili lunch served. Sign up,  on hallway board, to bring food.



LOOKING FOR  a few good people: some to take out the recycling & garbage weekly  & maybe three people to join the altar guild , setting up communion etc. Talk to Melissa Bauer or Jenny Coulsey if interested.


Working on a women's retreat November 10-11th,  'The Great  River Road W(h)ine Trail' will need commitments from everyone ASAP.   We have transport, hotels lined up. Everyone who is signed up on the church board should be receiving a letter in the next ten days , with times places etc. There is still time to sign up. Estimated cost $150 with everyone paying for meals separately.   Sign up on hall board. Questions ask Jenny, Pam Vaudrin or Patty Ulrich


SCHOOL SUPPLIES ~are a great item to put in the Operation Christmas Child boxes, so if you can purchase items, now would be a great time to do so. Thanks


September 23rd  3rd graders receive their Bibles during  9:30am worship. If you have an older child who has not receive a bible let the office/pastor know via email or phone (printed  below )


TREATS~ please consider sign up to bring treats for Sunday morning fellowship. Sign up sheet on the hallway board .





All Stars for Jesus Choir

Directed by Becky Mueller

singing  in worship

September 30th





Pastor Carol Sinykin contact information:  Office at 507-334-8821.

Pastor Carol's cell : 507-301-2438  

Email is:

Please be sure to contact me with any of your pastoral care.





September 9th


                                          CURRENT                                         MORTGAGE


                                             $2,342.00                                         $380.00

NEEDED  weekly

                                            $2,888.00                                         $150.00



September 16th


                                          CURRENT                                     MORTGAGE


                                           $1095 .00                                           $235.00

NEEDED for the week

                                           $2,888.00                                           $150.00






Monthly Worship schedule for September

Communion set up~ Melissa Bauer


 Please feel free to step up and help us serve each other.


September 2nd                                                              9:30am

Acolytes: Volunteers please

Ushers:  volunteers please

Money Counters Linda Hesse  & Jenny Coulsey

Council Hosts: Sally Walburn

Communion Assistants: Volunteer please


September 9th               God Work Our Hands        9:30am


Ushers:  Kelly Livingood 

Money Counters: Liz Tinaglia & Jenny Coulsey

Council Hosts: Dan Tinaglia


September 16th                                                                  9:30am


Ushers:   Brian Gunderson

Money Counters: Jenny Coulsey & Dan Tinaglia

Council Hosts: : Deb Smits

Communion Assistants:, Jenny Whannel & Tod & Pam Vaudrin


September 24th               Bible Sunday                         9:30am

Acolytes: Jones Stricker & Lilyana Dube

 Cross bearer: Tyler Heintz

Ushers:  Wally Walburn 

Money Counters Jenny Coulsey & Liz Tinaglia

Council Hosts  Liz Tinaglia


September 30th                                                               9:30am

Acolytes: Ashlin & Aubrie Havumaki

Cross Bearer: Sophie Sanders

Ushers:  Luke Havumaki

Money Counters: Nita Baldwin & Jenny Coulsey

Council Hosts:  Tod Vaudrin




              September Wedding Anniversaries

Brian & Denise Hansen             9/2//1989

Richard & LaVonne Brick           9/2/1967

Doug & Val Richter                    9/23/1995

Jon & Jena Flicek                      9/25/1992


September Birthdays

Nita Baldwin                       9/2

Jessica Stricker                  9/3

Sarah Johnson                   9/3


Tristan Chmelik                  9/5

George Gruchow                9/6

Trenton Bonnie                   9/9


Stacy Barsness                  9/11

Katie Mathews                    9/17

Linda Schlueter                  9/19


Paul Foellmi                         9/22

Mike McGilberry                   9/25

Renon Thomas                     9/25

Doug Tinaglia                       9/26


Griffen Havumaki                9/26

Madeline Sanders               9/27

Shaden Sanders                 9/28

Jeremy McKenna                9/28

Gary Bruggeman                9/30