The Vine Newsletter

May 30th, 2018


A Congregational meeting was held, on Sunday May 20th and the congregation vote unanimously to call Pastor Carol Sinykin to be Christ Lutheran Church's new settled pastor.

Pastor Carol & her husband, Stuart, have three grown sons.  They will be moving to Faribault, hopefully this summer.

Pastor Carol will begin work on August 1st, her first service will be August 5th.

We are so  thankful to  the Call Committee, for all the hours of work they did on our behalf, so if you see these people please thank them   Chair, Ruth Havumaki, Neil Whannel, Mara Bauer, Peter Tinaglia, Anna Wildgrube, Paul Foellmi.



"For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them." Matthew 18:23


Tool Box

Graduation Open Houses


Alyssa Sanders .......... noon  ..................1202 Golden Ray Drive





Tom & Samantha Schweisthal, Mila, Archer & Knight

Herb & Mary Sellner


THANK YOU ~to all who helped on Grubby Sunday, special thanks to the gardener's...the front gardens are looking great.  Could use some help in getting the gazebo/memorial garden's spruced up in time for Holy Smokes.

to Peter Tinaglia & the T.I.M's for a great overnight, on May 19th.

to everyone who worked that garage sale.......special thanks to Nancy Gruchow & Deb Smits for organizing. You all raised $785, for the youth of Christ Lutheran.


GRADUATION BREAKFAST~ June 10th, 8:30am. Please bring your cap and gown for the worship service. We would like a senior photos with your fall plans for a display.  Please call the office with the number for the breakfast 334-8821, or email

Thanks helps greatly with planning, food etc.






HERITAGE DAY PARADE~  June  16th  we are having a float this year, so we are looking for bottled water, to hand out along the parade route. We can collect water here at CLC or will take $$ and purchase  it for you.

If you would like to ride the float of walk...get your CLC t-shirts on and meet at the fair grounds.




WOMEN'S SUPPER & STUDY. Bible Study is 6pm, June 4th  at Christ Lutheran Church! hosted by Laurie Kodet


POP MACHINE is thirsty, we could use, Mug Root Beer, Dr. Pepper & Pepsi. Thank you.


 PROGRESSIVE DINNER ~  July 28th , 5pm start time. We have the places to eat and people offering to bring food, so now need you sign up for an evening of great fellowship, and we will send info to you.. chairpersons : Jenny C & Pam V.





Music by Low Rumble ll

( Nita Baldwin's Band)


Come for an evening of music,

Smoked meats & grilled pizza!


Bouncy house & games for children.


Sunday after church, June 3rd, we will be getting the signs ready........ to post around town.


ALL DAY QUILTING~ June 9th, 9-4pm. Bring a dish to share for lunch. If you are interested in learning to quilt, you are welcome to come learn. Bring a project if you have one...otherwise we can set you up with what you need.



             May 20th


WEEKLY OFFERING $1735.00 $350.00

NEEDED  weekly $2,888.00 $431.00


         May 27th


WEEKLY OFFERING $2270.00 $285.00

NEEDED for the week $2,888.00  $431.00




Monthly Worship schedule for June

Communion set up~ Linda Foellmi & Brenda Neuman


 Please feel free to step up and help us serve each other.



June 3rd                                                                                      9:30am

Acolytes: Volunteers please

Ushers:  Doug Tinaglia

Money Counters Linda Hesse  & Jenny Coulsey

Council Hosts: Liz Tinaglia

Communion Assistants: Doug & Liz Tinaglia & Jodi Buescher


June  10th                  Graduation Day                                  9:30am

Acolytes:  Mason  &  Amellia Delaney

Ushers:  Kelly Livingood

Money Counters: Liz Tinaglia & Jenny Coulsey

Council Hosts: Deb Smits


June 17th                    Father's day                                            9:30am

Acolytes:  Nick Heintz &  Ashlin Havumaki

Ushers:   Brian Gunderson

Money Counters: Jenny Coulsey & Dan Tinaglia

Council Hosts: Dan Brewster

Communion Assistants:, Jenny Whannel & Tod & Pam Vaudrin



June 24th                                                                              9:30am

Acolytes: Reid Wildgrube & Lane Tinaglia

Ushers:  Wally Walburn

Money Counters: Liz Tinaglia & Luke Havumaki

Council Hosts: Sally Walburn









                                  June Anniversaries



Luke & Ruth Havumaki  June 7th

Robin & Jenny Coulsey June 13th

Kelly & Jane Livingood June 15th

Mark & Pat Freeman June 27th



June Birthdays

Joyce Lindquist              June 3rd

Amellia Delaney           June 5th

Emma Bartkey               June 6th

Skyler Zak  June 6th



Michael Crissinger        June 7th

Dawn Nuss                    June 8th

Gary Kruchten  June 10th

Bob Borchert        June 11th

Brian Peterson  June 12th

Patty Ulrich                    June 12th

Ella Zak  June 12th


Lorelei Tinaglia  June 13th

Jones Stricker  June 14th

Elizabeth Peterson    June 15th

MartyAnn Boe  June 16th


Hayley Pilon  June 21st

Pat Freeman  June 22nd

Brad Wendal  June 22nd

LaVonne Brick  June 25th


Rob Zak                         June 25th

Jacki  Dickison  June 27th

Rick Christianson    June 28th

Cayla Peterson  June 29th