CLC Staff

Pastor Heather Hammond

We will, as a church, have an interim pastor for awhile. Pastor Heather Hammond is helping us as we transistion to a new leader.  Please come, welcome her and let Pastor Heather experience the love of Christ here on the hill.

 Pastor Heather can be reach at

Youth & Family Director

Janet Youngers joined the staff of Christ Lutheran in the fall of 2009. Janet has proved to be a real asset to the staff. She has been busy meeting the great youth of Christ Lutheran, and has already planned and led a couple of worship services, done a couple of retreats and plays. In the new year she will be working with the youth leadership on various events for both the 7-11 & Genesis and starting on the plans & fund raisers for the summer trips. Janet can be contacted at or 334-8821.

Jenny Coulsey has been in the church office since the move up the hill. She loves the challenges and all the tasks that the different church seasons brings. Also enjoys having 200 plus bosses!!! Always pleased to see you in the office.  If you need to contact the office email to: or phone 507-3324-8821.

Office Staff