Middle School

WNW ~ student/parent meeting on sept 7th at 6:20-7:15pm

6th - 8th Grade (September-May)

Starts  Wednesday, September 14th

Wednesday is WNW..Wednesday Night Workshop. The program runs each week from 5:30-7:45pm.  Worship service is at 5:30pm follwed by supper st 6:15pm.  Then the youth either have a lesson, do a servant event or a fun event. The program also has two retreats scheduled within it:





This year the Confirmation class will have a breakfast served to them, on April 30th 2017  This meal is served by the the 7th grade students & parents. After Breakfast the confirmands will read their faith statements to family & friends followed by the

Confirmation Worship Service  April 30th  2017 at 9:30am